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The Half Man Half Bike Kit Placename Challenge

Steve Harman and Nick Dawes are two amateurish cyclists.  We can’t remember why now, but we’ve resolved to visit every British place-name mentioned in a song by legendary post-punk / scabrous folk outfit, Half Man Half Biscuit.  The rules are very complicated, but involve getting to them all by bike.

  1. johncrumpton permalink

    So which song chaps? They’ve mentioned a plenty. Someone’s even made a nice map with markers too:

  2. Stephen Crossman permalink

    I’m the asparagus grower mentioned in “Asparagus next left”, I’m a cyclist too so if you like I’ll guide you along the exact route that song takes.

  3. Hello! Did you ever manage to do the London leg? I’d love to join you if you haven’t done it yet.

    As someone who’s often dreamed of visiting as many Half Man Half Biscuit places as I can, I wish you luck in your quest.

    • Hi James, Not yet – we’re anticipating that there’ll need to be at least two London stages, at least one of which will be a mass ride (i.e. more than four of us!) so you’d be more than welcome.

  4. Stephen Crossman permalink

    Is that James Barrington ex LACS?
    If it is you then I’ve commented on your blog and support your efforts to analyse the current situation. Keep up the good work.
    Steve and Nick; Still happy to guide you over the Quantocks, best drag James down as well I expect he knows the roads.

  5. Paul permalink

    Good luck finding Saltergate – its a nasty housing estate now

  6. Steve sheppard permalink

    Hi, I’m sure I took took that photo of you guys at Dawlish train station. I had to take a second picture because the first attempt was no good.
    I wish I knew at the time you lot were on the quest.

    Best of luck on the rest of your journey’s

    • Hi Steve

      Ah, but your second attempt was perfect! We generally don’t try to explain what we’re doing as it just confuses people…



  7. Ant and Jo permalink

    Hi guys

    When you’d ‘rather be someplace, like Bradford or Leeds’, feel free to drop by for a cuppa and some cake…

  8. Ian permalink

    I’m more interested in what gear set are you using Sturmey Archer or campagnolo are you now on Shamano?

  9. Get in touch when you do the rollrights and brize norton. Or Swindon. Cake.

  10. Ian permalink

    nice upgrade as Di2 or Sram might be hard to get into songs!

  11. Hello. My name is Peter Ross. I’m a journalist in Glasgow and am interested in writing about what you’re doing. Could you get in touch, please? I’d appreciate it. Email is

  12. andy permalink

    hi. i live in dumfries and galloway. i don’t live in a mentioned town, but near to kirkcudbright, gatehouse of fleet and creetown. would be delighted if i could help you in anyway when you visit these places!

  13. Alan&Jan. permalink

    If you guys haven’t made it to North East Wales yet, we have a nice little place between Barmouth and Abergele. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to bunk for the night(s). Hope you’re on Shimano Ultegra now.

  14. Alan&Jan. permalink

    Abersoch is also close, Machynlleth a bit farther.

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