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Year Two Progress Report and some Breaking News

July 21, 2014

It’s safe to say that the 2013-4 Biscuit Touring season (NB they run from June to June) won’t go down as one of the classics.  The capture of Torquay and Dawlish in July (on a four-man tour marred by jobsworth ferrymen) was followed by a six-month period of inactivity, largely the result of the growing decrepitude of our middle-aged bodies, and the toad work squatting on our lives.

DawlishDiscovering new resolve in the new year, we bagged Norbury, Shepperton, Farnborough and Aldershot on the Super Saturday of 25 January, but sadly the light at the end of the tunnel proved to be the light of an oncoming train, with Dawes’ Tyrolean knockabout dampening any hopes of a mid-season turnaround.

However, the year wasn’t completely bereft of reasons to be cheerful: we managed a couple of non-cycling tours, seeing Blackwell et al at Brighton and Leamington Spa, where we met some of the growing number of biscuit tour groupies.  We also have a new Twitter account, which has attracted some kind support from Eliza Carthy, Gideon Coe and football journalist Laure James.  (we’re working on Nerys Hughes and Lynette McMorrough). And we finally updated the map showing where we’ve been.

Most importantly, Dawes is reporting improved mobility in his shoulder, and the ability to cycle for several miles without searing agony, to the extent that we feel confident in announcing that a tour of some or possibly all of the London destinations will take place over the August Bank Holiday weekend. All will be welcome, but we’re still working on strategies and logistics. We’ll bring you more details as they emerge.

Yours in the hope that this newfound optimism doesn’t strike you like junk mail addressed to the dead.

Harman and Dawes


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  1. Joan permalink

    Delighted ye are back 😘

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